About Matteo

MATTEO has arrived at Bograshov St. – the beating heart of Tel Aviv. MATTEO prides itself on its unique Italian menu and offers the concept of a prestigious restaurant with affordable prices. It is designed in a way that ensures that passers-by will not miss it, nor look away once they see it. You will feel as if you are at the center of Manhattan, with graffiti-like walls, carbon-filament bulbs that gleam like fireflies and vibrant music.

Honoring the pasta

Pasta, the heart and soul of our menu, is brought to the table by a waiter with a cart carrying a wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. While the Pasta is warm, the waiter roles it inside the wheel of cheese, adds the sauce and grates a generous amount of fresh Parmigiano on top.

A rich menu all day long

Start your day at MATTEO with rich breakfasts (such as a selection of Eggs Benedict on bread and special shakshukas – starting at only 29 ₪), a variety of seafood dishes, meat dishes and more richly flavored, traditional Italian dishes. The kids can enjoy tasty dishes that we have constructed especially for them (starting at 22 ₪).

For desert: Homemade ice cream

You cannot conclude your meal without taking a glance at the huge, crazy desert menu, which is mainly based on the high quality Italian ice creams made at the restaurant. Try a combination of ice creams in a trifle glass with sauces and toppings, a huge milkshake with toppings and cream, combinations of ice cream and cakes and many more deserts.

We will be delighted to welcome you for a romantic meal for two, some quality time with the family or a small unforgettable event.